XUPDATE:As of April 23rd and through the end of May, all Georgia Veterinary Associate Hospitals are continuing to provide Curbside Care and Virtual Visits. You can read morehere

Sarah Smith

Clinical Site Manager and Registered Veterinary Technician, Camden Village Animal Hospital
Sarah Smith Registered Veterinary Technician Camden Village

Sarah graduated from the Gwinnett Technical College in 2015 with a degree in Veterinary Technology. She is the proud mom of daughters Rachel and Daenery.  Sarah joined the GVA family as the Camden Village Site Manager in 2018 and is excited to be part of such a great team.  Sarah enjoys combining her love of veterinary medicine and interacting with clients on a daily basis.   Sarah shares her home with her 4 cats (2 which are hairless cats) and 3 dogs.  

Sarah has been a special guest on GVA's weekly podcast People, Pets & Vets. You can find her episode here: Episode 9