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Boarding Pet Information Form

*Submitting this form does not mean your boarding reservation is confirmed. Please use our Appointment Request form and a member of our staff will reach out and confirm your pets boarding stay.*


Here are a few reminders for your pet’s stay:

  • There is no need to bring bedding. We have very comfy dog/cat beds, quilts and blankets. We also have toys. If you want to bring a pet’s toy, please bring only one and be sure your pet’s name is clearly written on the toy.


  • We feed a high quality diet to our boarders; Science Diet Sensitive Stomach dry food. If your pet is on a prescription diet, or you wish to bring your pet’s own food, please portion out the food into baggies for each mealtime and label it appropriately. We cannot accept open bags of food. This also applies to treats; please portion out treats into labeled baggies.  Canned food may be fed for an additional fee.


  • Our hours for drop off and pick up are 7:30am-5:30pm seven days a week at our Russell Ridge Location, hours vary at other locations. Because of the high volume of baths we do on going home day, please plan on picking your pet up after 3pm if you have requested a bath to be done. If they are scheduled for a groom on the day they go home, the groomer will give you a call when they are ready.


  • Vaccines required for your pet’s stay are; Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, and Influenza for dogs, and Rabies and Distemper for cats. Both species require a negative fecal test in the last year. These requirements enable us to keep our hospital environment as safe as possible for your pet’s stay.

**If your dog will be receiving the Canine Influenza vaccine for the first time, it will need to be boosted one time 2-3 weeks after receiving the first vaccine, and then they will only require it once a year. 

**If your pets have never been seen by us before and will be receiving vaccines while they are boarding, we do require an exam with the doctor to establish the patient-doctor relationship. 


We also offer a “TLC Upgrade” package which includes a “little something extra” for your pet, depending on the specific needs of the pet (i.e. extra play time, brushing, etc.), which you can specify. Please be aware that during our busier times, such as Spring Break and major holidays, we may not be able to guarantee the TLC, due to the number of pets boarding with us. 


  • Please place any medications we may need to give to your pet in a baggie marked clearly with the name of the medication and instructions as to when you give it, with or without food, etc.

When your pet is brought to our boarding area, we perform a free boarding exam. This ensures we are familiar with your pet’s condition upon check in. We’ll check their ears, eyes, teeth and skin. Any fleas or flea dirt are treated immediately. Any issues are brought to the attention of the owner, and the veterinary staff.

Dogs are walked 3 times a day. Cats litter boxes are changed daily. Water is always kept fresh and food bowls removed once a meal has been consumed. Meals are always served in fresh bowls.

Your pet’s health is carefully monitored by our pet care staff. We note potty habits and watch to be sure their eating and drinking is normal. Any abnormalities are brought to the attention of the veterinary staff. 

We are proud of our facility and invite you to stop by at any time. All of the above ensure a comfortable stay for your pet, and help keep us very organized. Thank you again for entrusting us with the care of your precious companions.