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At Apalachee Ridge Animal Hospital, we know that pets come in all shapes and sizes, so we are happy to treat exotics pets. In addition to cats and dogs, we also treat animals like birds, reptiles, and pocket pets like hamsters and guinea pigs.

Various types of health issues that arise in exotic pets can be due to their unique husbandry needs. When caring for an exotic pet, it is vital that the owner research the proper environment and diet for the pet. You can check out our Helpful Links to find more information

Please call us to discuss any specific questions you have about the care of your pet.

Some of the many types of exotic pets we treat include:

Exotic Pet Care

  • Birds—African Greys, cockatiels, parrots, and others
  • Mammals/Pocket Pets—Rabbits, sugar gliders, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, and others
  • Reptiles and amphibians—Non-venomous snakes, bearded dragons, chameleons, turtles, and others

As with dogs and cats, exotic pets benefit from physical exams for early detection of health issues. Our experienced veterinarian, Dr. Cathy Fish, can track a pet’s baseline vital statistics and detect if changes in those vitals indicate a health issue that should be followed up on. We recommend exams on a bi-yearly basis.

We provide the following services:

  • Rabbits – Upper respiratory infections, not eating, nail trim, spay, neuter
  • Pocket Pets - Upper respiratory infections, nail trim, mass removals, skin infections, and can neuter and spay guinea pigs but not smaller species
  • Rats - neuter, mass removal, upper respiratory infections
  • Lizards - not eating, poor shed, metabolic bone disease
  • Birds - nail trim, wing trim, beak trim, feather-picking, upper respiratory infections
  • Turtles - Upper respiratory infections, pneumonia, trauma, shell rot
  • Snakes - mites, shedding problems, inappetence, infection, pneumonia
  • Sugar gliders - neuter, nail trim
  • Ferrets - nail trim, will treat any illness

We can run blood work and fecals through Idexx. We also will send out caesarian section, DNA sexing, and biopsies.

Note that we do not have ANY vaccines for exotic patients.

We do not treat any farm animals such as Pigs and Chickens. 

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