AAHA Con 2023

This three day event took place in San Diego, California and it was a blast for our staff members that attended. There was multiple courses to take each day to learn new ways on how to improve our care for our patients and clients. There was even some fun networking lunches and dinners that allowed for our staff to meet animal lovers from all over that held the same passion to provide thoughtful and innovative care in their clinics each day. 

AAHA stands for American Animal Hospital Association and their goal is to get all animal hospitals in the U.S to be AAHA accredited. In order to become accredited with AAHA, you must read over their guidelines and implement these workflows into the everyday. The standards were created by veterinary professionals and are updated regularly to maintain the best care for pets all around the country. 

Ronda, our Marketing Director, said that this conference was very informative on how to use different efforts and tools in the marketing aspect of the veterinary industry. Carlan, one of our Customer Service Representatives, felt that she learned a lot about how to enhance her client communications as well as be able to understand client needs better. Dr. Miller, owner of GVA, said he found a lot of the medical pathway courses interesting especially the orthopedic ones. Angel, our operations manager, mentioned that she learned a lot by networking with others in the industry to hear how their everyday clinics run in different parts of the country. 

Overall, it's safe to say AAHA Con 2023 provided us with a great learning enviroment to help better serve pets and the people who love them. 

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