People, Pets & Vets Podcast

People, Pets & VetsEver wondered what goes on behind the scenes in your local vet clinic? 

We here are GVA want to be as transparent as possible and so we are proud to introduce our new weekly podcast, People, Pets & Vets. Listen in and learn more about our practices and why we do what we do. Spoiler, it's because we love our jobs! Life at a Veterinary Hospital is more than just puppies and kittens, although we do see our fair share of those. Learn how current events affect us and the veterinary world, get the inside view from an owner, RVT, and staff perspective as we introduce and interview employees from all four of our clinics, and ultimately, learn more about animal health issues right from our Doctors. 

Thanks for listening! 

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Meet Your Hosts: 

Dr. Brad Miller

Dr. Brad Miller attended Texas A&M University, where he obtained his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, graduating with cum laude honors in 1991.  He is a member of the American Veterinary Medicine Association, the Georgia Veterinary Medicine Association, the American Animal Hospital Association, and the Gwinnett County Veterinary Medical Association.  Dr. Miller is the Medical Director and a founding member of Georgia Veterinary Associates (GVA), which was established in 2002. 

Angel Martin, RVT

Angel graduated from Macomb Community College's Veterinary Technology Program in 2007. After one year of working in Michigan, she decided to move back home to Georgia where she worked as a Registered Veterinary Technician for a few years. After she soon began to feel as if she was missing something in her career, so she enrolled in St. Petersburg College's and earned her Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Technology and Practice Management. She joined GVA as a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2010. She worked primarily in our Hamilton Ridge location and grew her interests within the clinics. With a great understanding of all the positions and needs of the hospitals, she is now the Operations Manager for all four locations. 

People, Pets & Vets: Latest Episodes


Feed Header Episode 27

Listen NowEpisode 27:  Join us this week as we talk about more in the news in the veterinary industry. We'll go into detail about a number of Zoonotic diseases such as Typhus, Lyme, and West Nile as well as talk about the new One Health Initiative to educated Doctors, Veterinarian, human patients, and Pet owners on other Zoonotic diseases. An Incest based pet food diet and so much more!

Duration: 36:22:00

Episode 26 Feed Header

Listen NowEpisode 26:  Join us this week as we get to know one of our Veterinary Technicians, Heather Brown! We'll also talk a little bit about the new Pawdicure, hurricane Dorian, and so much more!

Duration: 35:42:00

Episode 25 Feed Header

Listen NowEpisode 25:  Join us this week as we get to know one of our RVTs, Jaritza Catalan! We'll talk about the GVA scholarship, which Jaritza was the 1st ever winner of, take your cat to the vet day, what in the world a Kinkajou is, and so much more! 

Duration: 48:59:00

Feed Header Episode 24

Listen NowEpisode 24:  Today we'll get to know one of our Veterinary Technicians, Jennifer Collins, we'll also talk about the recent Blue-Green Algae scare, and how dangerous heat stroke actually is. Listen in for the 'secret' sound this week and make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Duration: 44:54:00

Episode 23 Feed Header

Listen NowEpisode 23: Listen in as we are joined by Dr. Merryl Reiss, one of our newer doctors at GVA. We'll get to know her a bit more as well as talk about our in-clinic diagnostic tests, Delaware's new 'No Kill Nation' pact, and so much more! 

Duration: 38:12:00

People, Pets & Vets: Episode 22

Listen NowEpisode 22: Listen in as we talk about Tesla's dog mode and pet monitors and cameras, as well as the latest pet related re-call. We will also introduce you to our next mystery sound and let you know what last week's mystery sound was!

Duration: 54:46:00

Feed Header Episode 21

Listen NowEpisode 21: Listen in as we introduce Dr. Danielle Hines and talk more about her area of expertise, Acupuncture. We'll go in detail about what cases may be a good fit for the treatment as well as get to know Dr. Hines a bit more. 

Duration: 52:44:00

Feed Header Episode 20

Listen NowEpisode 20: Listen in as Dr. Brad Miller and Angel Martin, RVT talk about the newest vet school at Texas Tech. We'll also share an inside perspective on the newest cat de-claw law in New York as well as some animal-related crimes. 

Duration: 49:44:00

Feed Header Episode 19

Listen NowEpisode 19: Join us as we welcome back Dr. Miller from his European Vacation. We'll talk more about his trip, share some GVA news as well as some industry news. We'll talk about Distemper and Toxoplasmosis and our newest form of Heartworm prevention! 

Duration: 52:48:00

People, Pets & Vets: Episode 18

Listen NowEpisode 18: Join Angel Martin as she takes on this week's broadcast as Dr. Miller is in the UK with his family. We'll talk about the 4th of July, recovery options for your pet after surgery, the new FDA study that found a link between Heart Disease and some grain-free diets, some cat myths, 

Hang on until the end for a special, international message from Dr. Miller about his family vacation! 

Duration: 44:48:00

People, Pets & Vets: Episode 17

Listen NowEpisode 17: Join us as we broadcast at Destin, FL from Emerald Coast Veterinary Conference! We'll get to know Dr. Miller a bit more with the 'This or That' game. He'll let us know why he prefers a spay over a neuter, and if he is a cat or a dog person and so much more! 

Duration: 44:48:00

People Pets and Vets Episode 16

Listen NowEpisode 16: Join us this week as we get to know our co-host Angel Martin with a short game of this or that, we'll talk about what it means to be AAHA accredited, our CARE Fund, some veterinary news, how hard it is to date but how pets can make it easier, and so much more! 

Duration: 1:02:45:00

People, Pets & Vets: Episode 15

Listen NowEpisode 15: Listen in as we introduce one of our amazing doctors, Dr. Amber Williams and get to know her and her role as a Veterinarian at GVA. We'll talk about Pet insurance coverage, play rapid fire with Dr. Miller and Dr. Williams, as well introduce as our next fundraising adventure for our CARE Fund

Duration: 1:14:06:00

People, Pets & Vets: Episode 14

Listen NowEpisode 14: Come hang out with Dr. Brad Miller and Angel Martin, RVT as we talk about summer safety Tips for your dog, Turtles and how our Hamilton Ridge location was able to be a hero one day, Animal Hoarding and so much more! 

Duration: 45:30:00

People, Pets & Vets: Episode 13

Listen NowEpisode 13: Come hang out with Dr. Brad Miller and Angel Martin, RVT as we talk about Rabies, the Summer weather and what that means for your pets, and so much more! Make sure to follow us on Instagram @mygavet & @people_Pets_and_Vets! Have a topic you'd like us to talk about? Email info@mygavet.com and let us know!

Duration: 41:49:00

People, Pets & Vets: Episode 12

Listen NowEpisode 12: Come hang out with Dr. Brad Miller and Angel Martin, RVT as we talk about Rats and the Bubonic Plague, 'A Dogs Journey', our most interesting case of the week, the late Grump Cat and so much more! As always don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @mygavet and on Instagram @People_Pets_And_Vets!

Duration: 54:12:00

People, Pets & Vets: Episode 11

Listen NowEpisode 11: Listen in as Dr. Brad Miller and Angel Martin, RVT talk about current events such as Angel's recent trip to NYC, the idea of Walmart Vet clinics, Heartworm, The H.E.R.O Vet Awards, and so much more! 

Duration: 54:50:00

People, Pets & Vets: Episode 10

Listen NowEpisode 10: Listen in as Dr. Brad Miller and Angel Martin, RVT talk about Mother's Day and how pet mom's need recognition too, Dog Birthdays, The Kentucky Derby and the whole winner scandal, and the so-called 'Pet Shortage' in our Northern states.

Duration: 53:16:00

People, Pets & Vets: Episode 9

Listen NowEpisode 9: Listen in and meet our special Guest Sarah Smith, RVT our Clinical Site Manager at Camden Village Animal Hospital. We'll talk about End of Life care, the new Khols and Amazon partnership, Noise Aversion, Cats, and so much more!

Duration: 39:48:00

People, Pets & Vets: Episode 8

Listen NowEpisode 8


Duration: 52:58:00

People, Pets & Vets: Episode 7

Listen NowEpisode 7: Come hang out with Dr. Brad Miller and Angel Martin, RVT as we talk more about our VMG meetings, Dog Park Safety, Easter, and so much more! We are also looking for a new sign off!

Duration: 44:36:00

People, Pets & Vets: Episode 6

Listen NowEpisode 6: Come hang out with Dr. Brad Miller and Angel Martin, RVT as we broadcast from beautiful Buckhead, (Atlanta) GA! Listen in as we talk about VMG, Nail Trims, and Earth Day! We are also looking for a new sign off! Think you have what it takes to come up with an awesome catchphrase for us? Contact us and let us know!

Duration: 23:51:00

People, Pets and Vets: Episode 5

Listen NowEpisode 5: This week we'll introduce Guest Drue Harris, soon to be RVT and welcome her to our practice. Learn a little bit more about what an RVT is and why they are so crucial to our daily activities at GVA. Listen as we talk about April Fools, The PGA Masters and new laws regarding Animal Abuse!

Duration: 45:51:00

People, Pets and Vets: Episode 4

Listen NowEpisode 4: Come hang out with Dr. Miller and Angel Martin, RVT as they talk about Raw food diets and if they are really beneficial to your pets, what a Gastroplexy is and what medical emergency it prevents, current news, and so much more!

Duration: 48:05:00

People, Pets and Vets: Episode 3

Listen NowEpisode 3: Come hang out with Dr. Brad Miller and Angel Martin and learn more about the people behind Georgia Veterinary Associates! Join us as we talk with Anna Chanslor, RVT about issues such as pet CPR, the most recent pet food recall, and why we LOVE Chick-Fil-A!

Duration: 51:54:00

People, Pets & Vets: Episode 2

Listen NowEpisode 2: This week we talked about how Disney keeps people interacting with their brand and how we as a veterinary hospital can follow the same underlying rules as Disney. We'll also introduce you to the GVA CARE Fund our non-profit and give you some great holiday safety tips! 

Duration: 31:36:00

People, Pets & Vets: Episode 1

Listen NowEpisode 1: Kick off our first ever Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller and Angel Martin, RVT as we talk about our goals, the unfortunate deaths of loved ones, and fun social media tools we are implementing in our practices! 

Duration: 26:00:00