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Welcome to Episode 95!

Listen in as we talk about of weather, of course! We'll talk a bit about Snowmageddon 2014 in Atlanta, and how the weather is the worst for us in February!

Our word of the week is nictare, or Latin for blink.  We'll talk about the nictitating membrane and the common issues we see regarding the nictitating membrane- Cherry eye. 

In our Healthy Pet, Happy Life segment, we'll talk about Heartworm disease and how yearly testing is so beneficial to your pet. We'll also talk about flea and ticks briefly. 

In the news, we'll talk about how Vets are now able to administer the COVID vaccine and how we are classified as healthcare workers in the state of GA. How Emotional Support Animals are no longer free on most national airlines and lastly, the tallest dog in the world, Duke out of the UK, who stood at 7'3" when standing, has tragically passed away. 

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