Bring your furry family member by for a spa day at one of our GVA Hospitals, and keep them looking and feeling their best! Regular grooming can prevent painful issues like matting or eye irritation, as well as reduce shedding in your house. A healthy pet makes for a happy life!

KimSusie, Dee, and Sarah are GVA's talented groomers that work between our Russell Ridge and Apalachee Ridge locations. 

Our groomers' close relationship with our veterinary staff means that issues noticed during grooming, such as ear infections or new lumps, can be examined and addressed immediately.

Although our groomers make every effort to make appointments stress free, we provide sedation services for pets who experience fear or stress during grooming. Sedation may also be needed for pets who are heavily matted.

Grooming Services

  • Care and attention from our experienced professional groomers
  • Nail trims and nail dremels
  • Hand scissoring
  • Breed specific styles
  • Anal gland expression

Bathing Services


If your dog is just a little messy but doesn't need a hair cut, baths, nail trims, and anal gland expression are available with our Pet Care staff at Russell Ridge, Hamilton Ridge, and Apalachee Ridge locations. 

Vaccine and Health Requirements

In order to keep all of our visiting pets as safe and healthy as possible, the following vaccines are required to be up to date for pets being bathed or groomed:

Dog Vaccines

  • DAP
  • Rabies
  • Bordetella
  • Flu

Cat Vaccines

  • Rabies

Parasite Policy

If external parasites, including fleas or ticks, are noted on your pet, they will be treated with an appropriate medication to ensure the safety of our environment for all pets.

To schedule your grooming appointment at one of our locations, please click below: