Our hospitals spend tens of thousands of dollars every year on pets in need, as well as partnering with rescue groups and organizations to provide reduced cost services. GVA created the CARE (Companion Animal Rescue and Emergency) Fund in partnership with the Veterinary Care Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, in order to expand our efforts to help pets in need. Since the foundation’s operating expenses are funded through GVA’s membership dues, 100% of every dollar donated to GVA’s CARE Fund is used to treat sick or injured animals.

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How the Funds Are Used

The GVA Care Fund is made available to pets being treated at all four of our metro-Atlanta locations. Our CARE Fund donations are generally restricted to the following:

  • Funding for Good Samaritan cases
  • Care for police/fire and service animals
  • Funding for abandoned pets
  • Assistance for pet owners in financial crisis
  • Emergency and medical care for lost or injured pets
  • Care for pets harmed or displaced by natural disasters
  • Financial assistance for special needs pets and owners
  • Support local and regional animal rescue organizations
  • Provide free/low cost spay/neuter clinics
  • Funding recipients must have a treatment plan and estimate from a GVA hospital and demonstrate that all other payment options have been exhausted including:
  • Personal finances (credit cards and care credit)
  • Donations from family and friends
  • Additional fundraising efforts

Do You CARE?

When you make a donation to the GVA CARE Fund, 100% of your tax-deductible gift will support the care of pets in need. To reach out and help please donate through our secure online process by clicking the button below.

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