Past Care Fund Cases

We love seeing our past CARE Fund cases thriving in their new lives. Check out some of our more recent cases and updates on how everyone is doing! 

GVA CARE Fund Case: TulipTulip Now Izzy-

Tulip was dropped off on our front porch at our Russell Ridge location. She was a feisty one and was a staff favorite. She found her furever home with current Russell Ridge clients and is now thriving! 

Dorian Grey - 

Dorian GreyPulled out from under a car at our Russell Ridge location, Dorian was a little feral when we took him in. He eventually warmed up to people and other animals just fine and loved to be carried around like the little prince he is. He was adopted out after only a short month with us and is now living the high life with one of our Russell Ridge clients. He now has two human sisters and two fur-siblings who love him very much. 


$5,397.60, 6 months, 4 CT scans, 1 bone plate, and 8 bone screws and a whole lot of TLC from the folks at Homes4Ever Rescue- Oakley is on his way to his forever home today in Nova Scotia, Canada! We are so happy for him. Thank you to EVERYONE who donated to him and the CARE Fund. In case you don't remember Oakley was found with a gunshot wound to the head, that just missed his brain, but fractured his lower jaw. Dr. Miller and his amazing medical team at Russell Ridge Animal Hospital fixed his broken jaw and his broken heart! He is such a loving dog and is going to make a fantastic addition to someone's family! 

Frannie Lou Now Lucy

Lucy was an owner surrender after she couldn't hack it as an outdoor cat and didn't get along with the family's current indoor one. She came to us with a laceration on her back leg. Her previous owner didn't know what to do, so we stepped in and offered to fix her up and get her ready for her next furever home. She found that home only a few weeks later and now has a new fur-brother Gizmo and a great home with one of our Russell Ridge Clients. 

October Now Luna -

Luna was found by a good Samaritan after her dog brought this little lady to her feet. Not knowing what to do with her because of how little she was, she brought her to us! One of our amazing staff members fostered her for a few weeks because of how young she was, but she found her furever home just a few days later with one of our Russell ridge clients. She now has a happy family where she is thriving! 

Front Porch Kittens Now Ghost, Mittzie, & Moxie

This trio was left in a box at our front door for our front desk staff to find one morning. Without hesitation, we took them in and made it our mission to find them their furever homes. One of the three was adopted in Ohio and is living the life! The other two girls were adopted out by clients at our Russell Ridge location together! They are all thriving and happy in their new homes and we are so lucky we still get to see Mittzie and Moxie every now and then and know they are all in great homes! 


Pauline was another homeless pet who was brought to our attention by a local rescue group. After she had been set for euthanasia at Haralson County Animal Control, her rescuers just knew they had to save her. With her surgery being more invasive than originally planned she was covered by the CARE Fund and was adopted out and now is in her furever home.