Scratchpay Logo

Scratchpay provides simple payment plans similar to a traditional bank loan. 

You can check your rates within a matter of minutes without affecting your credit score. If you are approved, the funds are sent directly to us and we can begin treatment right away.

With simple payment options, you can choose the payback plan that works for you right from your phone. 

You will need to cover the cost of an exam so we can work out a treatment plan and an estimated cost for you to apply for at Scratchpay

CareCredit Logo

CareCredit is a medical credit card you can use for both your own and your pet's medical expenses. CareCredit gives you the flexibility to use the card over and over again for your pet's medical expenses. 

With intro APR rates you may qualify for no interest on purchases over $200 if paid off within the promotional period.  

You can apply either online or in our clinics with an instant approval decision and credit limit. 

CareCredit can be used on any service or product we offer in all our clinics.