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Welcome to Episode 96- We misspoke in the podcast!

Listen in as we broadcast from snowy Lawrenceville, GA.

First, we will answer a few questions from one of our Fans in NJ. She asks about dog allergies and a condition we call happy tail which will lead us into our Word of the Week, Myopathy!

In our Healthy Pet, Happy Life segments, we will talk about exercise and how to best time your walks to keep everyone healthy. 

We will talk a bit about groundhogs day and how our local groundhog called for an early end to winter, but the Pennslyvania groundhog called for a long winter. 

In the news well talk about how people are now abusing a drug from the veterinary world, ketimine, and how first responders are having problems with over-dosing as Narcan does not help with Ketamine. We will also talk about how the human and animal medical worlds can learn from each other because there is a reversal drug for Ketamine like Narcan. 

Lastly, we made our super bowl perditions, and sadly we were wrong! Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on their win last night. 

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