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Happy Valentine's Day from everyone at GVA!

Listen in this week as we broadcast from rainy GA. We'll talk a bit about the weather here as well as in Dr. Miller's home state of Texas!

Our biggest story today is how Holland managed to wipe out their stray population! In a good way. Holland became the 1st country to have no stray population and did so with tax breaks, free spay and neuters as well as hefty fines and prison sentences for animal abuse convictions. We'll talk about we could and should implement similar tax breaks here in GA as well as how 'pure breed' pups can be a major medical disaster. 

In our Healthy Pet, Happy Life segment, we'll talk about Vaccines and how we use 1 and 3-year vaccines in our clinics. 

Lastly, we'll talk a bit about Valentine's day and President's day!

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