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Welcome to Episode 50

Happy Valentine's Day! We did something super special for our clients and made some personalized valentines for those we saw today! Check out those photos on our Facebook page or our Pinterest page! 

Valentine's Day

Our Word of The Week was brought to us by Dr. Reiss! That word is Trichobezoar or hairballs. Commonly found in cats, we learned that humans who have the very rare, Rapunzel Syndrome where the person compulsively eats hair. 

We had some cute cases this week one being Hootie who came in for a neuter and Laparoscopic Gastropexy. He did great and went home the next day to his family. Sugar Bear is a very cute cream French Bulldog who came in for a spay and a Stenotic Nare surgery. She is also doing very well and went home that next day. 

stenotic nare surgery Gastropexy

In the news, the FDA has now made it possible for domesticated animals like cats dogs and rabbits to be placed up for adoption after being used in experiments. Dr. Miller and Angel will talk more about animal testing in a wide array of situations. 

We will also talk about service animals and how they help a wide array of illnesses from severe anxiety to autism and seizure disorders. 

For the 5th time in history, a standard poodle has won Best in Show at the Westminster Dog show this week. 

Denver's city council voted to end the pit bull based dog ban pending approval from the city's mayor. We'll talk about the reason behind that and some other state laws to help control the pet population and why they are extremely helpful!  

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