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Welcome to Episode 77!

We had some beautiful weather here in Lawrenceville, this weekend as we move more into fall weather in Georgia. The cooler weather comes as a welcomed break from the insane heat we've had. 

Firstly, we'll talk about our Word of the Week! 

In the news, we'll talk about how AAHA has come out with a new diet grouping called futurevors. Those who eat plant-based, faux meat foods. 

A top veterinary accountant shared with us that a source seems to think that upwards of 60% of pets adopted during COVID will be surrendered to shelters are people realize pets are a lot of work. We hope that that percentage will be closer to 20-30%, still a large number. 

Angel was featured in the NAVC for her work for the GVA CARE Fund!

We'll talk about how AI is used in the veterinary space and how a new vaccine for Valley Fever is in the works! 

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