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Welcome to Episode 39.

*We had some technical difficulties this episode so Angel may sound far away. We've corrected the problem but were unable to re-record this episode!*

In today's episode, we get to know Jenna Stegin. She is one of the longest-standing employees at GVA, with almost 10 years at Russell Ridge. She is now the Client Care Manager for all of GVA but works primarily at the Russell Ridge location. We play would you rather with Jenna and get to talk more about her passion. She runs GARD or Georgia Akita Rescue Division, out of her home and has a total number of rescued and placed Akitas in the high 80s. You can find more about her rescue operation on the GARD Facebook page and on their website

We talk a bit about pet insurance and you'll get Dr. Miller's take on the usefulness of having it as well as talk about some common misconceptions we have among our clients. 

We'll talk about Tick-Bourne Diseases such as Lyme, the only one we can vaccinate for, and GVA's recommendation on the Lyme vaccine. We will also plug our recommended product, Nextgard that prevents tick bites. 

We'll talk about the Holiday Season and all the great fundraising we at GVA are doing. We have the City of Light Atlanta winter clothing drive to help the homeless in Atlanta as well as the Salvation Army Can-A-Thon. We have handmade Ornamanets and Bow Ties for $3 as well as handmade jewelry the ranges from $5 to $15 and lastly we have the Buy A Blanket, Give A Blanket promotion where for every blanket treat combo sold, we will donate a new blanket to a shelter dog in need through the Gwinnett Humane Society.  

We will also share that our staff Christmas party is this weekend and hope to have a lot of photos to share! 

Lastly, we will rejoice in the news of the Federal Law that makes all animal abuse a felony! A huge step in the fight against animal cruelty. 

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