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Welcome to Episode 38.

In today's episode, we will start out by talking about Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a time for family, loved ones and friends. Are you the type of person to want to cook for your pet? If so, check out this DIY Thanksgiving dinner made just for your pets! Listen in as we talk about ways to keep your pets calm over the holidays. We have a lot of boarders who find it more relaxing to hang out with us compared to a stressful environment with lots of new people and loud noises. We will also go into more detail about medications and what each drug does to help relax your pets and when we as a clinic recommend each one.

Angel will talk briefly about how some pets have been suffocating when trying to eat the crumbs out of plastic snack bags. Our recommendation is to cut up those bags when disposing of them much like we do with plastic can holders. 

We will also talk about a new dog age calculator and how it's not as simple as just multiplying by 7 anymore. 

Pigs ears are back and more have just tested positive for salmonella. Dr. Miller's advice? Just find a new treat!

Tuff's University made a 3D model to help assist a French Bulldog and preplan a spinal surgery. 

As the holidays roll in and boarding is starting to book up, it is our recommendation to vaccinate your pets before they arrive!  This gives the vaccine time to work and protect your pet. 

A veterinarian in the North East has advised people to keep their pets off the ice. This story also gives us the chance to remind everyone that pets are much like kids! So keep both your kids and pets off the ice this winter. 

Dr. Miller and Angel will also talk about Giant Pandas! 

We also wanted to remind everyone that we have Doctor interviews up on the website and our facebook. Get to know your vet in these simple videos before your appointment or learn more about your long-time vet now! 

Lastly, Dr. Miller will give his prediction on the GA and Texas A&M game. Spoiler, he was right! 

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