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Welcome to Episode 40.

In today's episode, we will start by talking about Christmas shopping anxiety as well as talk a bit about our recent Staff Christmas party and how we were very fortunate to be able to gift our staff something pretty awesome. 

We will dive into dental disease, what to look out for, and when it's time to bring your pet in for a sedated cleaning. 

We also will have a word of the week! This week the word is Halitosis. 

We will talk about some new equipment we purchased such as a human-grade ultrasound that will help us see more detail and more in-depth ultrasounds of your pets!  Hamilton Ridge will also now start offering laser therapy to their clients with in the next month or so. 

We will also briefly talk about UGA's lose in the SEC Championship. 

We will dive into a recent article that talks about why people are taking their pets-medications such as antibiotics and why you should never take your pet's medication and your pets should never take yours! 

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