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Welcome to Episode 35.

We will talk about the Fall weather we have been getting and a bit about the seasons. 

In today's episode, we will announce our new release day! New episodes will now be released every Monday. We hope this way we can get more staff involvement and a consistent upload schedule. 

Angel just got back from a family trip to Nashville so she'll tell us more about her trip and how dog-friendly Nashville really is. We will also talk about a story about dogs that have been going missing in a central TN town. Police seem to think that people have been stealing these pets to sell them at Alabama flea markets. 

We will talk a bit more about an interesting case Dr. Miller and our team saw the other day as well as talk more about rescue dogs. The times are changing and with that more and more people are turning to other avenues to get a family pet. It used to be the normal to get pets from breeders or have them in your own back yard whereas now, around 40% of household pets are actually rescues! 

We'll talk about out miserable Halloween, weather-wise, and share the winners of our 2019 Halloween contest! 

Congratulations to Pappy and Madison who were drawn as the Winners! 

Lastly, well talk about our video initiative to add more content to our facebook pages and website! 

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