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Welcome to Episode 34. 

Listen in as we talk a bit more about the 2019 American Humane Hero Vet Awards and PAWFEST!

A huge thank you to Heather B, Anna, Drue and Nathaly for weathering the stormy weather to help bring low-cost vaccines to our community! 

Angel is on her way to Nashville! This leads us into a discussion about country music stars and their desire to give back! Carrie Underwood's C.A.T.S foundation in her hometown of Checotah, OK, which funded a brand new animal shelter as well as Brett Eldredge's own rescue, Edgar, and how he is helping to bring awareness to other pets still in shelters! 

We'll talk about FACE ID and how one company s trying to use AI to help reunite lost pets and their owners through a national missing dog database. They want to use the same facial recognition software that is used on cell phones to match families of missing pets to similar pet, if not the very same one, in shelters to reunite them. This is leading us to a discussion about other uses for AI in the veterinary world. 

The saved Pitbulls of Michel Vick dogfighting ring were in the news in a sweet 'where are they now' tribute. We'll talk about the stigma and bad rep Pitbulls get and why, as well as talk about the postive light these dogs brought to the breed after they were rehomed and turned into fun-loving, family dogs.

Lastly, we'll talk about an animal hoarding case in Edgewater, FL where the authorities seized 3 kids and over 200 animals from a residence.  

We will also mention a few special guests we are going to try and get on the show in the coming weeks! 

Dr. Mike Wanchick, GVA's other founder and Veterinarian at Apalachee Ridge Animal Hospital as well as our IT guys from Secure-Wan, a local IT and security company.

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