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Welcome to Episode 33. 

It finally Fall here in Georgia! We'll talk a bit about the nicer fall weather we've gotten the past few days and how we are all enjoying it. 

We'll talk about National Veterinary Technician's Week and how we have been celebrating with our staff as well as go off on some tangets about vet school and RVT schools. We will also share with you how Both Dr. Miller and Angel would like to become advocates for actual Veterinarian and Vet Techs who working the 'front lines' in our industry and try and enact some real change and awareness about the field. 

We'll talk a bit about Boss' day as well. 

We will also invite you all to celebrate Angel's Hero Vet Award win! We are hosting a screening party on Monday, October 21st at the local Dave & Buster's. For more info check out the event page here

As we dive into current events in our industry, we'll talk about a recent case we saw in one of our veterinary publications about the ethics of euthanizing a pet when an owner dies and they ask to be buried with their pet. We will also share some of our insights into the case as well as some of the other published in the artice. 

We will talk about our community involvement starting with PAWFEST! We will be there for 10 - 4 on Saturday, October 19 hosting a low-cost vaccine clinic. We will also use this as a segway into our vision for future community involvement. 

Lastly, we will talk about the not so common issues that can be caused by spaying at a young age. Only around 1% of dogs spayed between 6 - 12 months are affected by Urinary Incontinence due to a spay.  

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