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Welcome to Episode 72!

It has been very hot and sunny here in Lawrenceville, GA! 

We have an eventful podcast for you today!

We'll start with the Word of the Week, Serosanguineous. Serosanguineous means contains or relates to both blood and the liquid part of blood (serum). It usually refers to fluids collected from or leaving the body. For example, fluid leaving a wound that is serosanguineous is yellowish with small amounts of blood. We also had an interesting case that related back to a previous Word of the Week, where we had a patient bleed from their nose. 

In the News, we'll talk about how some insurance companies have put out information about pets left in cars. Thankfully, and maybe partially due to COVID-19, we haven't heard of any cases of kids dying in a hot car. We'll talk about the ongoing battle between Wallmart and Amazon and how we have noticed in our personal and professional lives how everyone seems to be using less and less cash. Lastly, for 'off-topic news' we'll talk about podcasts and music streaming.

In the Veterinary world, Vet school applications have been on the rise even with COVID-19 and the unknown implications it may have one our society as a whole. 

Robot pets have been brought into UK nursing homes where all outside traffic has been suspended. 

A survey showed that toddlers that live in households with Pets are 30% less likely to show behavior problems compared to their peers, and well share a funny story Dr. Connor shared with us about her kids. 

Lastly, the AKC has accepted a new breed into their herding group, the Belgian Laekenois. This becomes the 196th breed to be recognized by the AKC. 

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