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Welcome to Episode 69!

In today's episode, we'll start by talking about the phrase 'Hot Lanta' and where that came from. We think you'll be surprised by that information. 

In some local news, Gwinnett Country set a deadline for parents on whether or not their kids would be enrolling in public schools this fall. COVID it has made the issue of child care even worse. We have been lucky that none of our staff are hurting for child care, but we know we are very fortunate to be in this position. this will bring us to share some COVID news. 

Some good news over at Russell Ridge, we are in the final stages of adding more parking! During COVID and before, we have struggled with staff parking and are looking to extend our staff parking in the back of the hospital, as well as adding some more spaces on the side of the building for both staff and customers. We have been very busy during COVID, which is a blessing, but it has only greater shown the need for more parking. Even during the busy times, our front lot is sull of clients! 

Jenna, our head CSR at Russell Ridge is due to ave her baby very soon! After her, Dr. Connor and Marissa, one of our CSRs at Apalachee Ridge, are also going to be having their kids soon! We are so excited for them all! 

Our Word of the Week is descemetocele: A descemetocele is an area of extreme, focal corneal thinning where only Descemet membrane remains. We really enjoy talking about the eyes here at People, Pets & Vets! 

We will introduce our newest segment, Healthy Pet, Happy Life, in which we will talk about why treatments or vaccines we recommend are the best things for your pets! 

In the news, we'll talk about snakes and copperheads. We've seen an influx of snake bites as the weather warms up so we want to bring some awareness to those incidents. We'll talk about a case of COVID-19 in a dog, but how just like with humans, the more testing we do, the more cases we will find. Lastly, we will talk about how Flordia has included pets in restraining orders to help those in abusive situations leave their abusers with their pets. 

And lastly, we'll talk more about our newest catchphrase, Healthy Pet, Happy Life as we ask for your input on the best catchphrase! 

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