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Welcome to Episode 69!

In today's episode, we will start by sharing some funny stories.

We'll talk about COVID and how it has affected us at GVA. Can you believe that on the 14th of this month, we'll be in the 4th month of dealing with this? Crazy to think about. We also believe that because this is a Coronavirus, there won't be a feasible vaccine and just like 9/11, we'll be living in a post COVID world. 

We'll share some good news and how we plan on releasing a limited edition, custom t-shirts to share with our clients. 

We are also giving hamilton a facelift of sorts with a new paint job that we can't wait for you to see! 

Our word of the week is 'Foley Artist' which are the sound designers tasked with adding in sound effects in post-production. 

Dr. Miller and Angel will play a game where Angel has to name the animals based on farm terminology such as mere and ewe. 

We'll quickly share an interesting case we recently saw. 

And lastly, we'll talk more about our newest catchphrase, Healthy Pet, Happy Life! 

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