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Welcome to Episode 56!

In today's episode, we start off by talking about Team Russell and Team Ridge! 

we'll talk about COVID-19 and our curbside service and how well that is going for everyone. Dr. Miller gained a new title as our 3rd videographer over the weekend and hints about our newest moral booster video and #GVAStrong! 

Our Word of the Week is Mitigate - Micturate or urinate! 

Texas A&M has been repurposing veterinary testing materials to create and help aid the human testing. This leads us to talk about human antibody tests and other Coronaviruses in pets. LSU and Oregon State has also been helping in creating more testes and other supplies to help aid in human testing, as well as other veterinary outposts, donating ventilators. 

Pets are confused as to why their humans are at home!? You wouldn't believe how many people are calling us and asking us all these questions! 

Rats in NYC are taking over! The negative is that rats carry Lepto, a bad infection that can be deadly to both pets and people. 

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