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Welcome to Episode 55!

It's allergy season! Here at Georgia Veterinary Associates, we are seeing the pine trees in full force!  On a tangent, we talk about how important bees are to our ecosystem and how honey can have some healing effects. We actually have a case in the clinic where we are using honey to help speed up the healing process. 

The biggest news story is still COVID-19. We want to give a huge shout out to everyone in Las Vegas and hope they are staying safe. We will talk more about how we are using telemedicine to keep everyone safe here at GVA as well as our clients. Check out our COVID-19 page to find more information about GVA and how we are handling the pandemic as well as videos like how to download our Pet Pro connect app. We will talk more about our core Vales and how those have influenced our decisions as well as how fortunate as we are to be considered an essential business. For resources and more on the COVID-19 pandemic, click here

We will talk briefly about what pet owners should and shouldn't do during the pandemic. 

Dr. Miller will talk about some weird happenings around us like a pet bird going into lowes and people stress buying chickens so they can produce their own eggs. 

Lastly, we will talk about the word of the week, Paresis and the difference between Paresis and Paralysis. 

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