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Welcome to Episode 54!

 Our Word of the Week this week is Novel! Novel means New, Strange, Modern, Recent. Is veterinary medicine, we use the term novel mostly to describe new food allergies. Our second Word of the Week is Hypopyon. Hypopyon means puss in the anterior chamber of the eye. 

Now on to today's hot topic, COVID-19. We are taking drastic measures here at GVA to help stop the spread of COVID-19. For the first time we have actually closed our doors to clients and instead are offering virtual visits through PetPro Connect! We are still here to serve the community but in a way that is safest for everyone. Here at Georgia Veterinary Associates one of our core values is that we care. We care about our patients, clients, and our staff. In light of the COVID-19. 

For resources and more on the COVID-19 pandemic, click here

We will also use this pandemic to stress the importance of vaccines! 

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