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Welcome to Episode 57!

Happy Easter from everyone at GVA! We are recording from stormy Lawrenceville, GA today where we have some hazardous weather warnings. 

We'll talk more about COIVD-19 and all that comes along with it like a new puppy names Fauci! We'll share our local stats for Georgia according to the CDC as well as talk more about the tiger that tested positive in New York City. Did you know that in Georgia, covering your face and entering public space is illegal? We'll talk about how many are pushing to pause that law so people can wear face masks in public to help curb the spread of COVID-19. We'll talk about treatments and other medical news and share our thoughts on remaining our kennel staff! 

We will also share some interesting cases and the old adage 'It comes in threes' in our clinics. 

Lastly, we will share next week's word- or prefix- of the week, Tele!

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