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Welcome to Episode 58!

This week's episode is being broadcasted from rainy Lawrenceville, GA! 

We will go over the current COVID-19 statistics from Georgia. In total, we have around 18,000 cases and almost 700 deaths. We will talk about the next COVID relief plan from the Senate and what's really going on behind the scenes at our hospitals. 

We'll recap last week's episode where things come in three, #GVAStrong and our newest video, as well as web meetings. 

That'll bring us into our work of the week, Tele! Tele meaning far, and how it relates to health, vision, and so much more! This will bring us into a discussion about the difference between being human and a human being and how though this pandemic we have really been seeing the good in a lot of people! In all, we may take for granted the amount of human contact we all normally have and this may have forced us to take a deeper look at how we interact with people in general. 

In the news this week, we will talk about how Ivermectin may be a possible treatment for COVID but as of now, they have not been approved USDA or CDC. We would like to take the time to remind you NOT to take any of your pet's medications and not to give your pet any of your medications either! We'll talk about how people have begun training dogs to detect COVID in humans and how they are already sued to detect malaria. Lastly, we talk about how pop culture is being effect by the pandemic and how fast some artists are pushing out songs that relate to the world right now. 

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