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Welcome to Episode 66!

In today's episode, we will start by saying just how beautiful it has been here in Lawrenceville, GA! 

We'll recap last week's Word of the Week and talk a bit more about some diagnostic equipment we have and specialty clinics around Atlanta. This weeks' Word of the Week is Vetted, or Vett. Vetted means "investigate (someone) thoroughly, especially in order to ensure that they are suitable for a job requiring secrecy, loyalty, or trustworthiness." How does it relate outside of the veterinary world? We'll try to tell you! 

We'll talk more about some current cases we've been seeing and how we always say 'it comes in threes!' 

In the news well talk about how this week is US Postal Service Awareness Week and more on dog bite statistics. We'll talk about how farmers found a way to save millions of pigs from being euthanized due to COVID related issues and how J'Lo got her son a new puppy over the weekend! 

We hint that we will be featured on another podcast in Canada and how we will feature that same podcast on our platform in the coming weeks! 

Lastly, we talk about the Lama protestor in OR! 

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