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Welcome to Episode 67!

We are broadcasting out of thunderstormy Lawrenceville, GA! 

We'll talk about the holidays and the big one, the 4th of July, which is coming up fast. The 4th of July is a big cause of anxiety in pets. 

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel this year's CARE Fund 5K due to COVID-19.  Instead, we will make August CARE Fund Month! We will be fundraising to help raise money for the CARE Fund instead through an online shop and other fun events through our Facebook and clinics. More CARE Fund news adopted out 3 kittens, Tood, Goose, and Duck have all found their furever homes this past week. We still have one 2-year-old torti available for adoption as well. 

Happy first day of summer! With summer comes warmer weather and with warmer weather comes heat stroke. Did you know that overweight and senior dogs are at a higher risk of heatstroke as well? Also, DON'T shave your pup! Dogs are extremely good at self-regulating and their fur is actually good at insulating and keeping them cool. 

Iowa is looking to pay vet students to come work as it has been hit hard by the veterinary shortage.  Other states are also looking to help fill that shortage. 

Our word of the week is Emesis or the act of inducing vomiting. We will talk more about the drugs we use to help induce vomiting and why we would need to in the first place. 

Lastly, we will talk about a gorilla that was flow via helicopter to get a CT scan!   

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