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Welcome to Episode 65!

In today's episode, we will rehash some of our topics from previous episodes! 

Thank you, Dr. Reiss, for sharing another story about the plague if toads in Florida! We talked about the Bufo Toads and how they are being seen in numbers again in Florida. 

We'd also like to share that we at Russel Ridge have started our first phase of opening by mixing our staff! We had been on a split shift for a few weeks because of COIVD-19. We hope to start phase 2 in a few weeks where we will allow clients back into the hospital with PPE of course! 

We feel that the news has stopped trying to make COVID-19 the be all end all of the deaths in the country, citing other health issues such as kidney and heart failure and other issues. 

We'll talk about the rats in NYC and how we felt that Lepto cases would rise. 

We'll also talk about mental health in the world and how it's been an issue in the veterinary world as well. This will lead us into a discussion about how important the human-animal bond really is! 

We will also talk about how CE credits have moved online and what that means for us at GVA. From meetings to learning we are excited to incorporate video and online meetings. 

We will also talk about the update on Netflix's Tiger King and how his property was awarded to Carol Baskin. 

Lastly, we will talk about our word of the week! We get really technical with this one, cholecystoduodenostomy. A cholecystoduodenostomy is a surgical procedure that bypasses the extrahepatic biliary tree and connects the gallbladder directly to the duodenum.

Shoutout to Dr. Miller's Parents!  

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