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Welcome to Episode 82!

Happy Fall Y'all! We're broadcasting from beautiful Lawrenceville! 

In some other old, new news, there was another green puppy born in Italy. 

 Healthy Pet, Happy Life: Vaccines!

If you have a young dog, under 2 years, you need to prioritize getting them vaccinated to help prevent Parvo, a deadly disease in puppies and young dogs. 

We'll talk about 2020, and crazy bugs like the Murder Hornets, Joro Spiders, and the Ironclad Beetle. 

Miranda Lambert is mourning the loss of her pet and shares the story of how she found her. At the end of her post, she gave a shoutout to her vet and emergency hospital in TN. We'll also talk about her rescue and charity and how she is able to help those who are affected by the coronavirus with vet bills. 

Lastly, we'll talk about how the Westminster Dog Show is moving! 

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