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Welcome to Episode 21. 

Bear with us as we have upgraded our sound equipment and are trying to work out any of the kinks that come along with that! We hope that the sound quality will improve and make the listening experience much nicer. 

In today's podcast, we'll introduce another one of our amazing doctors on staff, Dr. Danielle Hines

We'll recap last weeks episode and get Dr. Hines' take on the de-claw ban in New York and take a deeper dive into medically unnecessary surgeries such as the de-claw and de-barking. 

We'll play would you rather with Dr. Hines as we learn more about her, then take a dive into her area of expertise, Acupuncture. We'll learn why she decided to pursue the added education and her time at the University of Florida. We'll also talk about the idea of Eastern vs. Western Medicine and how even though the Chinese had little to no understanding of our internal systems in ancient times, how acupuncture actually works and how accurate it is. We'll also talk about some cases where acupuncture may be another added benefit on top of more conventional and western treatments. We will also get Dr. Hines' take on the idea of a 'holistic' veterinarian and how the term is being misused and misunderstood as anti-western medicine when in reality it means exploring and treating with al and any methods available including acupuncture but also physical therapy and medications. 

We'll also talk about the Emu running lose in North Carolina and get to hear a funny story from Dr. Miller about past experience with the dangerous bird. 

Angel will also share some insight into the Netflix show 'In The Dark' where a majority of the story takes place inside a guide dog training facility and one of the characters is a Veterinarian. 

Lastly, try to guess our mystery sound of the week and either comment below or email us at [email protected] with your guesses! 

Good luck! 


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