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Welcome to Episode 22. 

Listen in as we recap last weeks episode! We'll talk a bit more about the wanted Emu in North Carolina and how they still haven't captured him. We will also talk about more about the Netflix show 'In The Dark' and Angel's nomination for the 2019 American humane Vet Nurse Award! ~Make sure to vote daily until August 8th~ And Lastly, we will talk a bit more about Angel's phrase, 'without people, pets are simply animals' and our plans for that! We will also go over the mystery sound and give our late viewers another chance to guess before we reveal what it is! Hint, it has to do with our new sound equipment! 

We will talk about Tesla's 'Dog Mode' and how just like any other technology it can fail and share a short story about when it did. We will also talk about the implications of leaving your pet in the car and get Dr. Miller and Angel's point of view on bringing your dog everywhere with you.  

We will talk about the newest FDA and CDC recall for pig ears as cases of salmonella rise for both pets and people who handle the treats. Angel will also share her alternative and great pet time-waster, Wimzees! Wimzees are a plant-based dog treat similar in density to a Nyla bone but 100% edible. They also are a great way to help keep your pet's teeth clean. 

We will also talk about dogs ability to learn and recognize words and items as we honor the collie, Chaser, dubbed The World's Smartest Dog who passed away at 15 years old. Chaser was able to learn upwards of 1000 different words associated with different toys and could recall and deliver said toy on demand. We will talk about whether this is due to the dog's own smarts or if all dogs are cable of this when trained the same way Chaser's owner worked with him. 

Did you know they are now making cameras that you can feed your pup treats with while you're away? Furbo is the first 2-way camera that lets you interact with your pets and show them some love while you are away! Do you think this type of product will last or is it just a faze? Other types of cameras you can use to spy on your pets while away are the Nest Camera, which we use in our practices to keep an eye on things, or the Pawbo and PetCube both of which are equipped with a laser pointer so you can play with your pets from your office desk! Do you use any of these to spy on your pets while you're away? Let us know! 

Lastly, we will talk about the cat that tried to smother it's owner while they were sleeping and the viral sensation the pair became when his owner set up a hidden camera to see why he wasn't sleeping very well!  

Listen to our mystery sound and contact us at People, Pets & Vets on Instagram if you believe you know what it may be! 

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