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Welcome to Episode 23. 

Listen in as we recap last weeks episode! We'll talk a bit more about the wanted Emu in North Carolina and how they still haven't captured him. It's been 3 weeks so far! We'll also recruit Dr. Miller's family in Texas to help wrangle in the sucker! 

We'll get to know Dr. Merryl Reiss, one of our newest additions to our staff. We'll learn more about her schooling such as where she went to undergrad, vet school, and where she did her internships at. Also, we'll learn that she is a true Atlanta native even though she doesn't have a southern accent! She'll tell us why she loves being a vet and play would you rather with us as we ask her questions such as vomit or diarrhea, and if she is a dog or a cat person. 

We'll also get to hear about Dr. Miller's Alektorophobia or fear of chickens.  

We'll talk a bit more about the importance of having an in-house lab that is capable of running blood work and other various diagnostic tools and how it all allows us to treat your sick pet as quickly as possible. 

We'll also talk about the 'No Kill Nation' pact that Delaware has enacted promising to not euthanize any animals strictly for space reasons in their shelters. Angel and Dr. Miller will both share their thoughts on it and share exactly what being a 'No Kill' shelter means. 

Lastly, well reveal what last weeks mystery sound was and give you this week's! To guess what our mystery sound is, contact us at People, Pets & Vets on Instagram

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