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Welcome to Episode 20 brought to you by Georgia Veterinary Associates. 

Listen in as Dr. Brad Miller and Angel Martin, RVT host this week's podcast! 

We'll talk about how severe weather in the Gulf of Mexico and Hurrican Berry has a slight effect on us despite the distance. We'll recap dog ties in Europe and how NYC and places in California are implementing something very similar with Dog Spots. We'll also touch on the stellar job the U.S. Coast Guards did when stopping a homemade submarine with over 17 thousand pounds of cocaine, worth around 200 million dollars, from reaching our shores. 

We'll talk about how different personalities within our practice get along with each other and talk more about the DISC personality training and how it helped our staff understand their own personality and how to be more accepting and understanding of others in the practice. You can find a shortened version of the DISC test here. This will lead us into a discussion about Fear-Free and how it has turned into a philosophy so absurd it is almost hurting rather than helping. We will give our thoughts on Fear-Free and other training methods that can help your pet if they are scared to come to see us or are fearful of new environments. We will also talk about Angie Woods, founder of US Canine and her approach to learning dog behavior and personality traits and her interest in tailoring training methods to each individual dogs. And lastly, well touch on the idea that using the blanket term 'abused' for rescue dogs may be hurting rather than helping them and how training and proper solicitation throughout life can help mend those wounds caused by previous owner failures without hindering a pet based on their past. 

We'll talk about the GVA CARE Fund fundraiser with Burger21 and how we were able to raise around $300 and other fundraising events we hope to participate in in the coming months as well as introduce you to our next CARE Fund community participation. We want to show that the GVA CARE Fund really does care about our community in all aspects, so we are donating school supplies to a local elementary school.  

We'll talk about how Dr. Miller's alma mater, Texas A&M will no longer be the only vet school in Texas as Texas Tech will be opening their own School of Veterinary Medicine within the next few years and how in recent years there has been a shortage of veterinarians in all facets of the veterinarian world. More specifically in the cattle and horse industry within the panhandle of Texas and how this need sparked the idea for a new vet school. 

We will also go into detail about our stance on the new bill passed in New York that bans all types of cat de-claws and other optional surgical operations such as de-barking and ear cropping. 

Lastly, we'll talk about some animal-related crimes such as the case of a stolen lemur from the Santa Ana Zoo in California, a local Cobb woman who was arrested after the death of her dog who was left in a car for over four hours, and the drunk guys who called and Uber for a wounded hatchling to take him to the nearest wildlife rehab center. Lastly, we'll share a funny story about an attentive and responsible pet owner who accidentally locked her pet skunk in her car and the chaos that ensued afterward. 

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