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Welcome to Episode 2.

In today's episode, listen in as we talk about Disney, the masterminds behind so many great family experiences and why above all, safety is Disney's biggest policy. How an accident can trump everything else and ruin any experience no matter how great it was and how we as an industry also have a bottom line of safety for everyone involved in our practice, human or not. 

We'll talk about our in house CT scan, how it got its silly 'CAT' nickname and how beneficial it is to have access to this advanced diagnostic tool. 

We'll introduce our Non-Profit charitable organization, the GVA CARE Fund. The GVA CARE Fund stands for Companion Animal Rescue and Emergency Fund which we use to help care for sick, injured, or abandoned animals, military, police, fire, and service animals, as well as help to assist owners in financial need. 100% of all funds raised and donated are put back into our local community for local animals. 

How daylight savings can affect your pet's schedule as well as your own and how in-tune with the world your pet actually is. 

How we plan on celebrating St. Patricks day and some holiday safety tips. Including how dangerous alcohol can be for your pets and common household poisons.

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