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Welcome to Episode 1.

In this episode, we introduce you to our fabulous hosts, Dr. Brad Miller and Angel Martin, RVT. We'll outline why we wanted to start this podcasts and our goals for each episode which includes giving an inside perspective on how current event affect our industry, introduce staff members and get to know them and hear their insights, as well as give you a day to day look at what we do behind those exam room doors. 

We'll talk about the tragic death of country music star Luke Perry and the impact his Boxers, Casey and Mac had on his life. How death and hard decisions affect us with a few personal stories from our career such as clients wanting to be buried and cremated with their pets. How longer life pets such as African Grey Parrots and Horses, who can live upwards of 30+ years, could outlive their owners and what it would mean if dogs and cats could live much longer lives. 

We'll introduce an app called 'One Second' where each day you record one second of your day and at the end of the year, you'll get a short video with each second of each day of the year. We'll talk about how we hope to implement apps like this to document our lives both in the clinic and outside as a tool to shine more of a light on what we do. 

Did you know Dr. Miller has a pet snake? We'll let you know the weirdest pet we've ever had and other exotic pets we've taken care of. 

How the MoMo challenge went from a negative to a positive with the use of cute pet photos. 

Lastly, how cancer in pets is talked about differently than it is in humans and the emotional aspect of a cancer diagnosis.  

Have a topic you'd like us to discuss? Let us know but emailing [email protected] or using the live chat feature on our site to leave your feedback! 

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