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Welcome to Episode 3. 

In today's episode, we'll introduce our special guest, Anna Chanslor, RTV as we get to know her and her journey from her home town in Wisconsin to Colorado to Georgia and her role in our practice.  Well, talk about why Anna, as well as other Veteriany Technicians, decide to go to school to get their certifications.

How millennials are finding new ways to experience life outside of their phones and how important they have become in our lives and maybe why it's a good idea to put them down every once and awhile. 

Do you know Pet CPR? We'll go over the basics and how important it is to understand the signs and when to call for help or take your pet into an emergency. CPR while is a temporary measure to keep your pet alive, but professional help will be needed and you should be prepared with your pets and vets info as well as the closest E-Vet to your home. We'll also talk about how we perform CPR in house and what tools we use. 

The Redcross has an online Pet First Aid class which is a great resource for information for handling any type of pet emergency. 

We'll talk about The CAP-C, The Companion Animal Parasite Council, and how their recommendations and guidelines help to educate their public as well as veterinary professionals on all type of parasites such as fleas and heartworms and about how important Heartworm prevention is. 

Anna will introduce her pets and their medical problems and how her dog Barney, managed to tear both of his ACLs within one year as well as how he's recovering. As well as her cat Perry and the fact that while she is indoor, she is still on year-round heartworm and parasite prevention. 

We'll talk about the Hill's Prescription Diet voluntary wet food recall and give you our opinions on whether we still feed and recommend Hill's Prescription Diet. Spoiler, we do! As well as other medications that have been blamed for deaths where it may not have actually been the reason. 

We'll share why customer service and patient care are so important to us and how we hold our selves to the same standard as well known companies such as Disney and The Ritz Carlton. 


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