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Welcome to Episode 4. 

In todays episode we'll talk a little bit about our on going renovations at our Russell Ridge location as well as recap our last episode. 

Well talk about the voluntary Hill's food recall. We'll talk about how the FDA recalls quite a few raw food diets and how people have actually gotten smaonella just handling raw food diets. We'll talk about how Hill's is doing something very commendable! Instead of be required by the FDA to recall their food, they have gone ahead and did it them selves for their safety of their customers. for more info on this, please click here. 

We will also talk more in depth about Gastropexy, or stomach tacking. This procedure is used to help prevent life threatening bloat. Dr. Miller will share more about the actual procedure, the process, and share more about what bloat really is. We will also talk about Kimy, a current patient who just had a gastropexy. 

In current events, we'll talk about the recent Rabies alert in Pennsylvania, where a cow has tested postie for the disease. We'll talk about how live stock tend to have a 'dumber' form of rabies, and how easily vets can be exposed to it because they tend to show mild symptoms. Do you know what animals we can vaccinate against rabies? Listen in for the answer! We will also talk about a hospital in Texas where two dogs on rabies watch attacked their owner and how certain rules are put in place for everyone's safety in rabies situations. 

We will also talk about the invasion of toads that have plagued Palm Beach. The toads are actually toxic, and can cause GI and mouth irritations. The toad are not deadly, but can be very irritating for those effected. They can also effect people as well! 

We'll talk about the AKC's top breeds of 2018 and the top ten Veterinary Colleges in the States. 

We'll talk about the show Staffordshire Terrier that went missing at the ATL airport right here in Georgia. Thankfully, she was recused only 4 days after she was lot. The airport biologist was the one who was able to spot her in a small wooded area in the airport. 

Lastly we'll talk about law that have been passed in Kentucky to protect animals. 

Listen in next week as we invite Drue Harris, RVT on and make sure to follow us online! 

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