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Welcome to Episode 5. 

Join us on today's episode as we introduce our special guest, Drue Harris, soon to be RVT. We'll get to know Drue and talk about the difference between a Registered Veterinary Technician, Certified Veterinary Technician, Licensed Veterinary Technician, and Veterinary Nurse. We'll introduce you to the certification process for both Registered Veterinary Technicians as well as the State and National Board process for Veterinarians. 

We'll go over what a Registered Veterinary Technician can and can't do in our practice such as taking x-rays all the way to making recommendations in the exam rooms. How a Registered Veterinary Technician is parallel to a Physicians Assistant in the Vet world. 

We'll talk about the top Vet Schools for 2018 and where Texas A&M and UGA rank as well as the top Dog Breeds. 

Well touch on Bufo Toads again and talk about a recent dog death due to the species. 

We'll talk about the new Animal Abuse Laws in Virginia and how they compare to Georgia and Flordia laws.  

How virtual hunting made it so you can hunt game in the Montanas' all from your computer and if you manage to make a kill, someone will clean and ship the meat right to your door.  

We'll speak on the implications of malpractice in our industry if pets are insured for more than just their economic value and owners have the ability to sue for emotional distress. How some Emergency Doctors in human medicine have malpractice insurance for up to 1 million dollars and how Doctors within the veterinary field would adapt to rising aminal insurance claims.  

Lastly, check us out next week as we broadcast from Buckhead in Atlanta GA as we host our VMG group! 

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