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Welcome to Episode 29. 

In today's episode, Dr. Brad Miller and Angel Martin are in Indiana for the 2019 American Animal Hospital Association's Connextivity Conference with Brittany Patullo, Nathaly Rodriguez, RVT, and Anna Chanslor, RVT! AAHA a non-profit organization for companion animal veterinary hospitals. Established in 1933, the association is the only accrediting body for small animal hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. 

While all of our hospitals are AAHA accredited, Russell Ridge, Apalachee Ridge, and Hamilton Ridge are coming up on their 10th anniversary! 

We will be interviewing Dr. Heather Loenser, the Veterinary Advisor for Professional and Public Affairs at AAHA and talk a bit more about what AAHA is and why we are at Connexity this week! 

After talking with Dr. Heather Loenser, we'll recap last weeks episode and dive back into our scheduled broadcasting! 

We'll talk about the recent and still concerning salmonella outbreak due to the popular pet treat, pig ears and how reported human cases are being linked back to simply handling the treats. 

We will also go into more detail about pet influencers and how they can actually help out the industry. Well also talk about the top 23 pet influencers. 

We'll talk more about the conference and some of the key speakers at the events. 

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