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Welcome to Episode 117 of People, Pets and Vets!

Join us from rainy Lawrenceville, GA as we congratulate our staff for doing an amazing job during this busy time for all of our clinics.

We'll speak on shark week and how crazy it is that sharks are very popular now. There is even an app to track sharks that have been tagged by researchers. ( Ocearch is the app if you wanted to check it out! )

We talk about how much the veterinary industry has fluctuated over the years and how unpredictable it is.

Dr. Miller brings a very interesting and current article about malware hackers and ransom money for Vet clinic medical records.

Lastly, the word of the week: Cyst but more specifically Epidermal Inclusion Cyst. Angel will share a current story about these types of cysts with her own pet, Zoe. Make sure to check out our Instagram to see pictures relating to the cyst!


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