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Welcome to Episode 116 of People, Pets and Vets!

Join us from humid, but green Lawrenceville, GA!

We'll talk about how events like concerts, sporting events, etc are opening up again now that we are out of the quarantine part of covid. Expressing our frustrations with the decreased labor force and why businesses need to not use it as an excuse.

Dr. Miller brings an interesting story about Thelazia in a dog's eye and the lifecycle of this eye worm. Check out our Instagram to see the diagram life cycle mentioned in the podcast.

Word of the week: Aberrant

Lastly, we will speak on how fireworks affect the wildlife just like they do our pets at home. We will also talk about some crazy wildlife encounters that happened right in our area!


Do you have a medical condition you'd like Dr. Miller and Angel to talk about? Let us know! Email us at [email protected] or message us on Instagram or Facebook!

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