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Welcome to Episode 15. 

Listen in as we introduce our special guest, Dr. Amber Williams and get to know her and her role as a Veterinarian at GVA. We'll ask her a few 'get to know you' questions before diving into today's topics such as where she went to Vet school and why she loves GVA. 

We'll recap last week episode and talk again about how important it is for you not to leave your pets in a hot car. Did you know, California issued an advisory and reminder to not leave pets, babies, and the elderly in parked cars. While it may be a nice 80 degrees outside, within minutes your car, it can reach upwards of 106 degrees and cause heat stroke which can be fatal if not treated right away. 

We'll ask Dr. Miller and Dr. Williams their opinions on humans health insurance offering coverage on your pets and if the risks and costs are worth it in the long run compared to pet insurance companies. 

Rapid fire! Get to know both Dr. Miller and Dr. Williams better with these goofy rapid fire questions such as if they prefer dogs or cat, would they rather deal with an angry client or an angry pet, and well go on one of our legendary tangents and talk about 'tubin' the hooch'. 

We'll briefly talk about the NBA finals, our next CARE Fund fundraiser with 21 Burgers, and our current Heartgard and Nexgard rebate promotions. As well as fill you in on the new Doctors within our practice. 

We'll share the interesting case of the week with you all and the happy ending for this petite furbaby. 

Lastly, we'll talk about Rabies and how according to the AVMA bats are now the most common carries whereas in the 1960s it was the household dogs. How important it is to vaccinate your pets for Rabies because, in Dr. Williams own words, you "can't fix Rabies."

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