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Welcome to Episode 16. 

In today's episode, we'll give you a brief recap of last week episode as we got to know Dr. Amber Williams.

We'll talk again about Angel's nomination for the Vet H.E.R.O and the huge honor it is for her, as well as how to vote and we'll also get to know Angel a bit more with a quick game of this or that. 

We'll continue our discussion on zoonotic issues such as sore mouth disease or Orf in sheep and goats. How you can actually get this disease from places like goat yoga and how the topic even came up in our discussion. How we try and prevent issues such as ringworm but more often than not, our staff will break out in a small case of it. On the positive side, once you get ringworm your body is less likely to suffer from the disease again. 

We'll discuss AAHA and what it means to be AAHA accredited in areas such as standards of care, patent care, record keeping, hospital upkeep, emergency protocol, and how we choose to be accredited and the process behind that. Dr. Miller also shares a quick story about Texas A&M and in his words how "failure leads to success". 

We'll talk about the CARE Fund and our next two fundraising endeavors. We are so excited to announce we are partnering with Burger 21 in Buford to host a fundraising night where 10% of all sales on Thursday, July 18th will be donated to the GVA CARE Fund. We will also be there from around 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm holding a raffle. Make sure to check out the event's Facebook page for more info and exact details as well ourselves figure them out! We'll also talk about the recent case where the CARE Fund was able to donate around $2,000 to an adopted orphan to assist with their Tibial Tuberosity Advancement surgery as well as our newest CARE Fund kitten and what it means to be a CARE Fund kitten! 

We'll discuss recent news such as a clinic in Detroit that has been around for 175 years. We'll also discuss Dog and Cat specific practices and how they do and don't make much sense. 

Dr. Miller shares a story about an email he received from the American Bird Conservancy and their mission to help save wild birds by keeping domestic cats indoors. 

We'll also talk about how hard it is to date in the modern world but also how having a pet can increase your chances to find love. Did you know that people are more likely to 'swipe right' on a dating profile if there is a dog in one of the photos and not liking dogs is one of the largest turn-offs of the current generations? 

We'll briefly talk about US Canine and how founder and lead trainer Angie Woods wants to dive into dog anxiety and personality issues. 

Lastly, we'll talk about how June is National Preparedness Month and what that means for you as a pet owner and for us. We'll talk about the importance of keeps a copy of your pets vet records with you all the time as well as resources such as and FEMA's websites. 

We also wanted to introduce you to our newest additions to the GVA Doctor team, Dr. Jamie Cho, Dr. Heather Williams, and Dr. Merrly Reiss

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