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Welcome to Episode 14. 

In this epsisode, we'll give you a little peek at what's going on in Lawrenceville GA with the weather, as well as weather emergencies around the mid-west, and how flooding cases a rise in anthrax cases in livestock and humans. 

We'll talk about American Humane and their mission to help not only domestic aminals but also farms animals from danger zones due to bad weather. We'll showcase the fact that Angel has been nominated for the American Humane H.E.R.O awards (vote for angel until August here!)

We'll bring up the summer heat and the importance of recognizing heat stroke. When it's appropriate to bring your dog with you on your summer adventures and a few points to remember if you do such as your pups social etiquette and breed. Some of the medical issues that can arise from other non-responsible pet owners such as parasite transmissions and other zoonotic issues.  

We'll talk about dog car safety and bring up some funny stories from our past! (Trust us, you DON'T want to miss Angel's car story, it involves a monkey.) 

We'll talk about the dogs that are trained to fetch at risk Ornate Box Turtles so researchers can categorize, study, and find ways to preserve their eco-system.

We'll talk about the sad cases of animal hoarding and the most recent case in Georgia regarding around 30 Mastiffs and the rescue that is changing their lives. What emotional and health conditions constitute animal hoarding versus responsible pet ownership.

Lastly, we'll talk about the Dutch Pug club and their stand against overbred pugs and the health issues that are caused by their short muzzles. 

Shout Outs:

We couldn't do it without you! We appreciate every one of our avid listeners but wanted to give a few shout outs to those who have been very supportive of this new endeavor for us. 

Carlie Tucker and her pups, Georgia Peach, Oreo, and Bradey. 

Mr. Davis and his dog Trixie.

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