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Welcome to episode 105 of People, Pets & Vets!

Happy Masters week from GVA!

Listen in as we make our predictions for who will win this years Master held in Agusta, Georgia. 

In our Healthy Pet, Happy Life segment we'll talk about Flea and Ticks and some of the nasty disease they carry and can transmit to your pet. We'll also talk about the 4Dx blood test we recommend to help catch early infections of such diseases. 

Dr. Reiss has once again come through and solved our mystery of who cares for White Hose pets. 

In the news we'll talk about 5 kittens whos umbilical cords were conjoined at birth. 

We'll talk about the 20 year old Giraffe who was euthanized this week due to server arthritis. 

Current Veterinary graduates are not being taught this critical skill, yet some are still pushing for more surgical practice before graduation. 

Lastly, we'll talk about the 2021 American Humane awards. 

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