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Welcome to Episode 26. 

In today's episode, we'll get to know Heather Brown, one of our Veterinary Technicians. 

We'll play would you rather with Heather as we learn more about her! 

We'll share a special shout out to our other Heather, Heather Fischer, one of our RVTs as well as thank Jaritza Catalan for appearing on last weeks show. 

We'll talk a bit more about the wolf worm and the somewhat grotesque video we shared on our Instagram page as well as let you know where we are in the TM process of Angel's catchphrase, "Without people, pets are simply animals."

We'll also share what the secret sound was last week! 

We'll talk a little bit about Hurricane Dorian. This week's episode was published a little bit late due to the Labor Day weekend so by the time this is published Dorian will have most likely made landfall in Florida. 

We'll talk a bit about the oldest woman in Atlanta and how Lowes took a good samaritan's gesture and completely changed this woman's life. This will lead us into the oldest living pet! Thomas the Tortoise just celebrated her 130th birthday. Thomas has outlived over 32 Prime Ministers, two world wars and quite a few generations of its caretakers. Even more impressively, Thomas was pulled out from the rubble during the Blitz in WWII. Thomas, who most her life was thought to be a boy, was given as a gift to the family for a caretaker at the London Zoo in 1922 when she was around 40 years old already, putting her birth date in 1882. Thomas sadly passed away in late 2013, a few months after her 130th birthday. 

We'll talk about Dr. Miller's latest obsession called Tiki Toss and how we now have one in our 'studio'! 

PawdicureWe will also talk about the new trend of pawdicures. Would you pay a groomer to paint your pet's toenails to natch your freshly manicured set? Apparently people are doing just that! We'll talk about the possibility of adding Pawdicures to our grooming salons and get everyone's take on how valid or silly they may be. 

Photo Right: @monique_pomapoodiva

Lastly, we'll give you this week's mystery sound! To guess what our mystery sound is, contact us at People, Pets & Vets on Instagram

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