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Welcome to Episode 87!

In today's episode, we will talk mostly about some new's stories!

Our first story is about an elephant hospital in Thailand that is celebrating its 27th year in operation! 

We'll talk about how facemasks can be dangerous for pets, but not in the way you'd think. 

Escaped Minks with a COVID mutation may cause problems if they happen to pass on the virus to humans, infecting us with a new strain of the virus. 

How facial recognition is being used in veterinary medicine and how it has helped to locate over 15 thousand lost pets. 

Texas A&M has teamed up with a European company to create a cancer screening blood test to help prevent and treat early stages of cancer in dogs. 

Angel goes over the most dangerous animals in some states and they are not what you think they would be! She also shares that GA's most dangerous animal is almost all of them as GA houses a lot of the same wildlife as other states. 

There has been an increase in Vet School Applications that may think has been caused by the Coronavirus as people see and learn more about how Veterinarians are helping in other facets! 

And lastly, we talk a bit about COVID! 

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